Arvid Larson

Fundamentals of ProxySQL, High Availability, & Galera MySQL

Learn how to create a highly available MySQL installation with ProxySQL and a Galera Cluster in this ATA Learning tutorial.

Turbo-Charge Document Management with Nextcloud Docker

Learn how to turbo-charge your document management with the quick to deploy Nextcloud Docker installation with this ATA Learning tutorial!

Conquer Kubernetes Clusters with Ansible Kubespray

Do you still deploy Kubernetes clusters by hand? Maybe it’s time you switch to automatic deployment using the Ansible Kubespray. Learn how in this tutorial!

Master In-Depth Security Audits with OpenSCAP

Learn how to perform in-depth security audits on your server with OpenSCAP and SCAP Security Guide (SSG) in this step-by-step tutorial!

How To Perform a MongoDB Kubernetes Installation

Learn how to conquer the challenge of deploying a MongoDB Kubernetes installation in this step-by-step tutorial!

How to Deploy Postgres to Kubernetes

Learn how to securely deploy PostgreSQL to Kubernetes using two methods, via Helm charts and YAML configurations, in this step-by-step tutorial!

Getting Started with the BIND DNS Server

Learn how to build and manage your own secure BIND DNS Server, and this step-by-step tutorial is the best way to get started!

Managing FreeRADIUS Deployment with daloRADIUS

Learn how to centralize authentication and authorization of users in your FreeRADIUS server with daloRADIUS in this step-by-step tutorial!

High Availability with a Scalable Jenkins Kubernetes Deployment

What’s even better than a standalone Jenkins? A scalable Jenkins Kubernetes deployment!

Deploying an EFK Stack with Docker

Learn how to deploy the EFK stack, one of the most popular software stacks for log analysis and monitoring, in this step-by-step tutorial!

How to Install the Apache Guacamole Remote Desktop Gateway

Learn a new way to connect to remote servers or computers with Apache Guacamole as a remote desktop gateway in this step-by-step tutorial!

Peace of Mind with Restic Backup on Linux

Learn how to backup your data in your Linux machine using the Restic backup tool in this step-by-step tutorial!

How to Monitor Hosts With the Linux Icinga Monitoring Tool

Learn how to effectively monitor your entire infrastructure with the Linux Icinga monitoring tool in this step-by-step tutorial!

How to Install Webmin on Ubuntu Linux

Learn how to install Webmin to help with system administration on your Ubuntu Linux without manually editing Unix configuration files in this step-by-step tutorial!

How to Create a Centralized Logging Rsyslog Configuration

Learn how to set up a centralized logging Rsyslog configuration to analyze logs data from different remote machines in this step-by-step tutorial!

Manage Your Servers with Cockpit Linux

Learn how to simplify the management of your server, from networking to containers, with the Cockpit Linux web console!

How to Install & Troubleshoot With the Netdata Monitoring Tool

Learn how to install the Netdata monitoring tool on your server and save yourself the headache of troubleshooting applications and services!

How to Install and Configure a Linux Ubuntu NFS Server

Learn how you can securely share directories by installing and configuring a Linux Ubuntu NFS Server in this step-by-step tutorial!

How to Connect with Samba to Linux Active Directory

Learn how to add Linux systems to a flexible Samba Linux Active Directory environment in this step-by-step tutorial!

How to Perform a Samba Active Directory Install on Linux

In this tutorial learn how to provision a Samba Active Directory server in Ubuntu Linux and join a Windows client!