Tag: Ubuntu Linux

How to Install the Citrix Receiver Ubuntu Client

Learn how to properly install and configure Citrix Receiver on Ubuntu to access your Citrix Applications!

Chaitanya Avatar Chaitanya

6 min. read

How to use Linux to Recover Deleted Files

Worried that you've accidentally deleted your files? Don't be! Learn how Linux lets you recover deleted files in this tutorial!

Ravgeet Dhillon Avatar Ravgeet Dhillon

5 min. read

How to Install Terraform on Linux and Windows

Terraform is the most popular automation tool to build, change and manage your cloud infrastructure in an effective and quick way. Jump in this article to learn how to install Terraform on your Linux and Windows devices!

Shanky Avatar Shanky

5 min. read

Linux 101: How to Run a Program in Linux

Learn many ways on how to run a program in Linux in this tutorial!

Michael Franklin Avatar Michael Franklin

6 min. read

Your One and Only Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial

Wanting to learn Linux Shell Scripting, but don't know where to start? Say no more! This Linux Shell Scripting tutorial is all you need to kick start your shell scripting journey!

Shanky Avatar Shanky

16 min. read

How to Backup (and Restore) Your Ubuntu Computer

Learn how to perform an Ubuntu backup for your files and take snapshots using the Deja Dup and Timeshift free utilities!

Bill Kindle Avatar Bill Kindle

10 min. read

How to Install Tomcat on Ubuntu Linux [Step-by-Step]

Learn how to set up the Java web services by installing Tomcat on Ubuntu Linux in this step-by-step guide!

Shanky Avatar Shanky

8 min. read

How to Install Ubuntu 20.04 [Step-by-Step]

Learn how to set up Ubuntu Linux from scratch in this step-by-step, in depth walkthrough!

Bill Kindle Avatar Bill Kindle

7 min. read

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