Getting Started with PowerShell and the ServiceNow API

Unlock the power of ServiceNow's API! Learn how to set up your developer account, create an OAuth app, and make your first API call using PowerShell.

Tracking Down User Logons with PowerShell and XPath

When working with Windows event logs, especially the Security log, there might be instances where you need to extract specific information from events.

How to Leverage Reusable PS Remoting Sessions in your Scripts

PS remoting lets you execute commands remotely. Learn how to create and manage persistent sessions in this short how-to covering creating and managing sessions.

PowerShell Tool-Building 101: Building a Computer Inventory Report

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Upload a PowerShell Script to Intune (With PowerShell) From Scratch

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PowerShell Basics: Navigating CSV Files

PowerShell Testing Mastery with Data-Driven Pester

I’ve been using Pester for a long time off and on. I’ve always been obsessed with ensuring reliability in my PowerShell code. After writing the Pester Book and mentioning some of the methodologies I used with Pester v4 I’ll present in this blog post, I’ve since learned Pester v5 makes my work so much easier.

Securing Server Access with Gravitational Teleport

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Solve Azure AD Connect Errors via the Microsoft IdFix Tool

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How to Install and Configure an OpenLDAP Ubuntu Server

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Unleashing the Power of the Pipe Command in Linux

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How to Use the Deno Runtime as a NodeJS Alternative

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How to Setup Ubuntu NTP Server

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