ATA Guidebooks

Great content comes in many forms and every reader has their preference. ATA is known for its high-quality written tutorials in the form of blog posts. But some readers prefer a different medium for consuming ATA tutorials and also aren’t a fan of display advertising inside of their content. We have ATA guidebooks for that.

What are ATA Guidebooks?

ATA guidebooks are paid PDF eBooks pulled directly from ATA tutorials grouped as eBooks in common categories like Active Directory, Docker, Terraform, PowerShell, etc. Each guidebook is a group of commonly-themed tutorials pulled directly from ATA with beautiful eBook styling (and no ads).

Guidebooks are created (and consistently updated) as PDF eBooks on Leanpub on an ongoing basis from our tutorials. As we publish new tutorials, we will be consistently creating new guidebooks and updating existing guidebooks. This means that readers can purchase a single guidebook and get updates as new tutorials are published within that category.

Why buy a guidebook when you can read tutorials for free?

You may be wondering if an ATA guidebook is nothing more than ATA tutorials you can get for free, what’s the point of paying for them.

  1. Supporting – It costs a lot to run this site including paying for infrastructure, staff and writers. If you get value from the site, we appreciate your support.
  2. Supporting the writers – Writers featured in a guidebook are allocated 60% of all revenue. If you purchase a guidebook, you’re paying those writers directly.
  3. No ads – When you use ad blockers, ATA doesn’t get paid. We understand ads can be annoying but rather than blocking the ads outright, ATA guidebooks allow you to learn from our tutorials without ads or any annoying blank places where those ads should be.
  4. Offline – No Internet access? Not a problem. All guidebooks are beautifully designed PDF eBooks. No Internet needed to read them.

Where can I find ATA Guidebooks?

If a tutorial has an associated guidebook, you can find a link to the guidebook on the tutorial on If you’d prefer to browse the entire collection, head over to ATA’s Leanpub page where you will find every guidebook we currently have available.

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