Recommended Resources

Although our posts always include great product and service resources, they tend to get lost in the content. If you’re looking for a handy cheatsheet, cool free tool, or are in the market for a new piece of software or service, we’ve got you. We’ve put together a list of the resources we, at ATA, can wholeheartedly recommend.

Full disclosure: ATA has been paid to place some products and services on this page. We may also receive revenue should you make a purchase. If this is the case, we guarantee an ATA expert has either written a full product review or has previous experience with the product or service.

Training and Skill Development

Training and Skill Development

  • Pluralsight – A comprehensive library of online courses, workshops, and other learning material for developers and IT pros. We have a few Pluralsight authors here at ATA including founder, Adam Bertram and ATA Friend Chris Blackden.

Information Security

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