Why Backup Office 365?

Microsoft backs up Office 365 so why try to back it up yourself? Learn what Microsoft does and doesn't do in this handy article sponsored by Altaro.

Adam Bertram Avatar Adam Bertram

5 min. read

How to Work with REST APIs and PowerShell’s Invoke-RestMethod

Learn how to work with REST APIs using PowerShell's Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet in this extensive tutorial!

Ryan Kowalewski Avatar Ryan Kowalewski

15 min. read

Learning Batch: The Goto Command

Learn how to goto batch command works and walk through some real-world use cases of how to use the goto command!

Adam Listek Avatar Adam Listek

7 min. read

Getting Started: Managing AWS S3 with Python Boto3

Learn how to get started from scratch on copying files with Python and AWS S3 using the Boto3 S3 Python module.

Shanky Avatar Shanky

6 min. read

Let’s Get it On! AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Are you considering aws vs azure vs google cloud in your choice for a cloud provider? Learn how each stack up in this comparison article!

Tyler Charboneau Avatar Tyler Charboneau

7 min. read

Why is Terraform so Popular for DevOps?

In the DevOps world, Terraform's infrastructure as code approach is the preferred method. Learn why and get a simple demo in this handy article!

Deborah Emeni Avatar Deborah Emeni

5 min. read

Kubernetes: How Components Fit Together as an Architecture Diagram

Learn how to read and understand a Kubernetes architecture diagram by learning about the components that make a Kubernetes cluster run.

Shanky Avatar Shanky

5 min. read

How to Consolidate AWS CloudWatch Metrics Into a Single Dashboard

Do you still switch between AWS accounts to monitor your resource metrics? Why not consolidate CloudWatch metrics in a single dashboard?

Thiru Avatar Thiru

12 min. read

How to Install Tomcat on Ubuntu Linux [Step-by-Step]

Learn how to set up the Java web services by installing Tomcat on Ubuntu Linux in this step-by-step guide!

Shanky Avatar Shanky

8 min. read

How to Use VMware Photon to Create a Handy Software Router

Learn how to set up VMware Photon OS to create a software router handy for your labs!

Anthony Metcalf Avatar Anthony Metcalf

8 min. read

How to Recall Email in Outlook (Preventing that Oh Crap Moment)

Learn how to recall Outlook email by understanding how Outlook recall works and how to implement it in this handy tutorial.

Arman Castillote Avatar Arman Castillote

6 min. read

How to Set up the Microsoft Teams Machine-Wide Installer

Not sure how to set up Teams Machine-Wide Installer? Learn the options for setting up the Teams Machine-Wide Installer in this how-to guide.

Robert Dyjas Avatar Robert Dyjas

12 min. read

How to Build SQL Database Deployment Automation Pipeline [Tutorial]

Tired of manually deploying changes to your SQL databases? Learn how to to build a database deployment automation pipeline!

Gijs Reijn Avatar Gijs Reijn

12 min. read

The Ins and Outs of the VMware vCenter Converter [With Demos]

Learn, step-by-step, how to convert physical Windows and Linux computers and even Hyper-V VMs with VMware's converter utility the vCenter Converter.

Bill Kindle Avatar Bill Kindle

11 min. read

Your Goto Guide for Working with Windows WMI Events and PowerShell

Learn about how WMI events work and how you can create some awesome tools with PowerShell in this tutorial!

Faris Malaeb Avatar Faris Malaeb

14 min. read

Nick Rimmer is our ATA Friend of the Month!

Nick Rimmer is our ATA Friend of the Month!

Adam Bertram Avatar Adam Bertram

< 1 min. read

How String Concatenation Works in Python

Learn how to concatenate two strings in Python using just about every method you can think of in this handy tutorial.

Shahzaib Kamal Avatar Shahzaib Kamal

5 min. read

The Ultimate Guide to Copying Files and Folders Using Xcopy

When you need to copy large sets of files, do you still use the copy command? Why not give Xcopy a spin and find out how it is a better tool for the job? Learn how to use Xcopy with lots of examples in this ultimate guide.

Joydip Kanjilal Avatar Joydip Kanjilal

12 min. read

How to Set Up an Azure File Share with On-Prem AD Authentication

Learn, step-by-step, how to configure and Azure file share to use Active Directory authentication for your on-prem AD users.

Ryan Kowalewski Avatar Ryan Kowalewski

10 min. read

How to Speed Up Bash Scripts with Multithreading and GNU Parallel

Learn how to speed up those Bash command and scripts with GNU Parallel with some handy GNU Parallel examples in this tutorial!

Chris Blackden Avatar Chris Blackden

8 min. read

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