Tag: Command Line

The 10 Basic PowerShell Commands You Need to Know

If you're new to PowerShell and don't know where to start, then look no further. Learn these 10 handy basic PowerShell commands in this tutorial!

Samuel Ogunleke Avatar Samuel Ogunleke

7 min. read

Getting Started with the Findstr Command

Looking for a way to find texts without having to manually scrolling through a list? This tutorial will get you started in finding texts and files with the findstr command.

How to Find Files with Dozens of Criteria with the Bash Find Command

Learn how to find files in just about any possible using the Bash find command in this helpful step-by-step tutorial.

Adedoyin Adeyemi Avatar Adedoyin Adeyemi

14 min. read

Learning Batch: The Goto Command

Learn how to goto batch command works and walk through some real-world use cases of how to use the goto command!

Adam Listek Avatar Adam Listek

7 min. read

How to Create a Text File on the Command Prompt in Windows

If you need to use the Windows command prompt to create a file, look no further. Learn how to create text files with the command prompt and PowerShell!

Nick Rimmer Avatar Nick Rimmer

6 min. read

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