I am the technical writer, DevOps consultant, and the founder of, who believes in writing the best content on DevOps, IT technologies and sharing it with the world. My mission has always remained the same: learn new technologies by doing hands-on practice, deep-dive into them, and teach the world in the easiest possible way. I have good exposure to DevOps technologies such as Terraform, AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Linux, etc.

AWS Batch: Your Answer to Efficient Job Scheduling & Execution

Seeking a scalable, streamlined solution for batch computing? Explore how AWS Batch automates job management, saves you time, and reduces operational complexity.

BitBucket Tutorial: Your Guide to a Powerful GitHub Alternative

Need a project tool with seamless team workflow? This Bitbucket tutorial will expand your DevOps horizon as it shows you how it simplifies DevOps collaboration.

Ansible Tower Basics for Easy Playbook and Inventory Management

Master Ansible Tower for effortless playbook and inventory management, elevating your automation skills to the next level with practical, user-friendly strategies.

Postfix Simplified: How to Easily Install and Manage on Linux

Master email management with Postfix on Linux through our comprehensive tutorial covering installation, configuration, and troubleshooting techniques.

Terraform AWS Guide: Building Robust Amazon Infrastructure

Master Terraform AWS with our comprehensive guide: Learn step-by-step how to manage and optimize your Amazon Infrastructure effectively and efficiently.

Mastering Ansible on Windows: Your Go-To Expert Guide

Ansible on Windows made simple. A complete guide to hassle-free installation and configuration, perfect for users seeking quick and effective mastery.

Unlocking CI/CD: How to Install Jenkins on Ubuntu Successfully

Learn how to install Jenkins CI/CD in Ubuntu Linux to start utilizing pipelines and automation in this step-by-step tutorial!

WinSCP Command-Line Simplified : Your Complete Reference

Explore the depths of WinSCP Command-Line in our guide. Master file transfer and automation with expert tips, techniques, and practical examples for users at all levels.

Getting Started with AWS DynamoDB

Learn how to use the NoSQL database AWS DynamoDB and store data flexibly and effectively in this ATA Learning tutorial!

Ensuring Success by Learning Terraform Best Practices

Discover Terraform best practices and ensure that your DevOps environment is being utilized safely and securely to it’s fullest potential!

Discover How to Create an Azure VM in Microsoft Azure Cloud

Learn the many ways how to create an Azure VM in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and move your resources and processes into the cloud!

How to Install Groovy on Linux and Windows [Step-by-Step]

Learn the ins-and-outs of how to install Groovy on both Linux and Windows systems in this step-by-step tutorial by ATA Learning!

How to Manage Python Libraries with Ansible Pip

Learn how to effectively manage Python libraries with the Ansible Pip module and take control of your Python dependencies!

How To Get Started with AWS Route 53

Learn how to get started with managed DNS via the AWS Route 53 service by Amazon in this ATA Learning tutorial!

CURL Linux Command : Learning By Example

Learn through step-by-step examples with the indispensable CURL Linux tool and level-up your troubleshooting and scripting!

How to Leverage AWS Lambda Go as an IT System Administrator

Deploy and use AWS Lambda Go applications from the edge in this step-by-step walkthrough and take your IT game to the next level!

How to Manage Services With the Ansible Service Module

Learn how to manage, control, and integrate OS services with the Ansible Service module in this ATA Learning tutorial!

Which Tool? Terraform vs. Cloudformation in the Fight for AWS

Learn which tool, Terraform vs Cloudformation is right for infrastructure as configuration with AWS in this ATA Learning tutorial!

A Definitive Guide to Leveraging the AWS Terraform IAM Role

Discover this definitive guide to the AWS Terraform IAM role and take your devops game to the next level in this ATA Learning tutorial.

Using AWS CLI Secrets Manager to Manage Confidential Info

Learn how to use the AWS CLI Secrets Manager to store, retrieve, and update your critical secret values used in AWS products!