June Castillote

June started in IT by fixing computers back in 2002. Since then, he has worked as a programmer, technical support specialist, and systems administrator. He is currently a technology consultant working with Microsoft 365, Azure, and various Messaging and Collaboration systems. June is always on the lookout for automation opportunities and prefers to write code in PowerShell whenever possible.

How to Import a PST to Office 365 [Step-by-Step]

To Import a PST to Office 365 is a multi-step process. Get a guided tour on many different ways to make it happen in this extensive tutorial!

How to Import a PST into Outlook

When working with Outlook, there will inevitably come a time when you'll need to import a PST. But, what is a PST? According to Microsoft, "An Outlook Data File (.pst) contains your messages and other Outlook items and is saved on your computer."

Concatenate, Expand, Format and All Things PowerShell Strings

Strings in PowerShell are probably the most used data type in PowerShell. From displaying messages, prompting for input, or sending data to files, it is almost impossible to write scripts without strings being involved.

Back to Basics: Understanding the PowerShell Switch Statement

The concept of conditional logic in programming is not anything new. Conditional logic is a fancy term for first checking for a condition (if something happened) and then doing something as a result of that condition.

How to Up your Game with PowerShell Try Catch Blocks

Have you ever run a script or a PowerShell cmdlet and get confronted with a screaming wall of text - in red - like the one shown below?

Resolve-DnsName: Resolving DNS Records with PowerShell

If you're managing web or mail servers, you know how heavily these servers rely on adequately configured DNS records. Missing DNS records can cause all sorts of problems, including users not being able to find your website or non-delivery of emails. It is a good thing that the PowerShell Resolve-DnsName cmdlet exists, and with it, monitoring DNS records can be automated through scripting.

Back to Basics: The PowerShell For Loop

When you use PowerShell scripts to manage systems or process bulk tasks, you'll undoubtedly encounter the need to use a loop construct as part of your scripts. There are many types of loops available in PowerShell, and one of them is the for loop.  The PowerShell for loop can make running the same set of commands on multiple items quickly and produce consistent results.

How to Create Descriptive PowerShell Comments

When a newcomer to PowerShell begins to write scripts, they typically focus on the code. After all, the code is what makes things happen! Executable code is obviously important, but what happens when you write so much code, you forget what it does? This is when PowerShell comments can come in.

Send Import-Csv and the ForEach Loop for Fast Processing

Power through items in a CSV file using PowerShell's Import-Csv and the foreach loop by reading CSV data, and referencing the values in a ForEach loop.

Back to Basics: The PowerShell Foreach Loop

Learn the different types of foreach loops available in PowerShell, and what to consider as to which one to use.

How to Build Office 365 Mailbox Size Reports with PowerShell

Learn the basics of how to create a script to report on large mailboxes in Office 365 and the components of the script and its requirements.

AzCopy: Your Swiss Army Knife for Azure Storage

Learn how to use AzCopy to transfer files between the local and Azure storage while using OAuth and Shared Access Signature Token.

How to Download AzCopy and Get Started Today

Learn how to download AzCopy and get it installed. This also includes authenticating the tool to have access to Azure storage.

How to Generate an Azure SAS Token to Access Storage Accounts

Learn how to create an Azure SAS token both via the Azure portal and via PowerShell to authenticate and authorize Azure storage management.

Validating Parameters with PowerShell ValidateScript [Walkthrough]

Learn about one of the best ways to parameter input with the PowerShell ValidateScript validation attribute in this walkthrough!

How To Build an Azure Detailed Usage Report with PowerShell

Learn how to create a PowerShell script to easily query resource usage with an Azure usage report across all of your Azure resources by date.

The PowerShell WhatIf Parameter: Looking Before you Leap

Don't lie. You've done it before. We all have at some point in time. It doesn't have to be risky though when running PowerShell scripts in production. Just remember to use the built-in PowerShell WhatIf parameter!

How to Set Up an Office 365 SMTP Relay with Connectors

Learn how to create a TLS and non-TLS Office 365 SMTP relay and how to test and confirm their functionality using different techniques.

How to Send Email with Office 365 Direct Send and PowerShell

Did you know you can use Office 365 to send email with PowerShell? In this article, you're going to learn how to use Office 365's SMTP services to send mail with PowerShell's Send-MailMessage cmdlet.

How to Build an IIS SMTP Relay Server

Learn how to set up an IIS SMTP relay server for recipient email delivery from Office 365 using a combination of the GUI and PowerShell.