June Castillote

June started in IT by fixing computers back in 2002. Since then, he has worked as a programmer, technical support specialist, and systems administrator. He is currently a technology consultant working with Microsoft 365, Azure, and various Messaging and Collaboration systems. June is always on the lookout for automation opportunities and prefers to write code in PowerShell whenever possible.

Create TLS and Non-TLS Office 365 SMTP Relays

Build and test TLS and non-TLS Office 365 SMTP relays using various techniques.

Send Email with Office 365 Direct Send and PowerShell

Send emails using Office 365 Direct Send and SMTP Authenticated Submission with PowerShell.

Set Up IIS SMTP Relay for Office 365 Email Delivery

Configure an IIS SMTP relay server for recipient email delivery from Office 365 using GUI and PowerShell.

Create WPF PowerShell GUIs: Functions, Inputs, and Results

Build and import a basic WPF PowerShell GUI with functions that accept input and return results.