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How to Create an AWS EC2 Instance

Learn how to get started with AWS EC2 through the EC2 Instance wizard on the AWS Management Console to have standard EC2 instance.

Michael Levan Avatar Michael Levan

5 min. read

How to Manage and Automate AWS EC2 Snapshots with PowerShell

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is a service that provides storage for Amazon EC2 instances. EBS is what every volume on your EC2 instances runs on. When you rely on a service to run important infrastructure it's wise to ensure that data is backed up. In this blog post, learn how to manage and automate AWS EC2 snapshots using the PowerShell scripting language.

Adam Bertram Avatar Adam Bertram

5 min. read

How to Find an AWS EC2 Instance’s Public DNS Name from within Itself

If you're ever in need of using an Amazon AWS's public DNS name from within a script running on an EC2 instance, here's a quick way to get it using PowerShell. This technique uses the Instance Metadata that every EC2 instance has available. I'm using the parameterBasicParsing here because if running this on Server Core without IE installed, it will bomb.

Adam Bertram Avatar Adam Bertram

< 1 min. read

How to Set Up an AWS New-EC2Instance From Scratch Using PowerShell

Learn how to creating an Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance with PowerShell and its dependencies like the new-ec2instance.

Adam Bertram Avatar Adam Bertram

6 min. read

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