ExifTool: The Ultimate Guide

Exiftool is a huge tool with tons of options. Learn, with examples, how to use exiftool from top to bottom in this ultimate guide.

Chris Blackden Avatar Chris Blackden

23 min. read

The Ultimate Guide to Windows Subsystem for Linux (Windows WSL)

Learn how to natively work within Linux on Windows 10 with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL in Windows) in this HUGE guide!

Chris Blackden Avatar Chris Blackden

14 min. read

Enhance your Console Experience with Windows Terminal

In this step-by-step walkthrough, learn all of the exciting features and how to use them for Windows Terminal!

Chris Blackden Avatar Chris Blackden

16 min. read

How to Connect to an Azure SQL Database

Learn to connect to Azure SQL Database and be comfortable using it either with or instead of a traditional SQL Server installation.

Chris Blackden Avatar Chris Blackden

6 min. read

Getting Started with Terraform on Windows: Install, Setup and Demo

In the infrastructure as code (IaC) space, one of the most useful tools to come out in the last several years is HashiCorp's Terraform. The ability to version infrastructure, automate provisioning of resources, and execute across different cloud vendors is huge for any DevOps and automation workflows.

Chris Blackden Avatar Chris Blackden

8 min. read