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Read-Host: A Great Way to Get Input to your PowerShell Scripts

Learn how Read-Host interactively prompt for input from the script user by pausing execution and receiving output.

Tee-Object: The Most Underused Cmdlet in PowerShell

Discover how tee-object redirects output from a PowerShell command while returning the output to the pipeline.

How To Execute PowerShell Scripts With Pulseway

So you've got an awesome PowerShell script that is going to save you loads of time. You've hit Save in your editor and you pat yourself on the back. This script is meant to run against multiple servers so you sit down to make it happen to then find out it's not as easy as you'd anticipated.

ScriptRunner: Bringing PowerShell to DevOps

As a Windows administrator with expertise in PowerShell, I felt left out of the DevOps scene. Even though Microsoft has come of age lately with their DevOps tooling, the major DevOps tools are still Linux-based and require learning a new language to be proficient with the tools. Discovering ScriptRunner and PowerShell has changed that as us PowerShell geeks can finally join the ranks of DevOps gurus!

Get-EventLog: Querying Windows Event Logs with PowerShell

Discover the Get-EventLog cmdlet as a great command to use if you need to query common event logs quickly using its basic filtering ability.

A Real Guide to Using Netwrix Auditor and PowerShell Together

PowerShell is a handy scripting language that can do just about anything. Couple that with Netwrix Auditor and you have a deadly combination on your hands. In this article, you're going to learn a common use case, how to find who deleted a file.

Using the PowerShell Get-Credential Cmdlet and all things credentials

Learn PowerShell Get-Credential Cmdlet and its use in managing credentials. Check out other things about credentials in this post.