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Building a DNS Debug Log Parser with PowerShell

One of the first things you should do when troubleshooting a problem like this is to enable DNS debug logging. But when you're forced to look at the log debug logging creates, you're in for a rude awakening. Make it easier by creating a DNS debug log parser script with PowerShell!

Set an Active Setup Registry Value in All User Hives

Learn from a PowerShell developer how to use the Active Setup registry feature and build a script to set a registry value for all users.

How to Use Python to Query WMI (Linux –> Windows)

I've recently been playing with Ansible quite a bit and, unfortunately, it's only available on Linux. Being a big Windows guy, I've had to learn a ton about how Linux and Python interact with Windows. My goal was to get my Ubuntu Linux box using Python to query WMI. Let's break it down!

Get-ChildItem: Listing Files, Registry and Certificates

Discover Get-ChildItem PowerShell cmdlet that list files and folders on a file system via the PowerShell console and many more.

Discover the Unknown with the PowerShell Get-Help Command

Learn the most popular Powershell Get-Help command, and discover what it does, its parameters and even how to use the command.

Learning PowerShell Format-Table Cmdlet

Learn Powershell Format-Table that formats the output of a command as a table with the selected properties of the object in each column.

Write-Progress : The Better Way to Use It

Learn about Powershell Write-Progress used to display a graphical progress bar right in the console and status messages.

Export-CSV: Converting Objects to CSV Files

Learn to send information from Powershell using Export-CSV and create CSV files to feed reports, send to databases and more.

A Better PowerShell Start-Process

Learn Powershell Start-Process. While there are many ways to start process in Powershell, this command is the most intuitive.

Get-WmiObject: Querying WMI on Local and Remote Computers

Whenever we need to discover just about any information about a Windows computer and it's components, we can do so with Get-WmiObject.

Test-Connection: Ping Remote Hosts the PowerShell Way

Learn PowerShell test-connection, a cmdlet that will help you perform the popular ping test to remote host the Powershell way.

Unable to Connect to WSUS Database: Solved!

Sometime's Microsoft's Endpoint Manager (MEM) formally System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) doesn't behave. Sometimes, more specifically, the software update point (SUP) starts to not sync with WSUS and you need to connect to the WSUS database.

Get-AdComputer: Find Computers in OUs with PowerShell

Discover how get-adcomputer being the brother of GEt-Aduser find computer OUs instead of getting users from the Active Directory.

Start-Sleep: The Simple yet Underrated PowerShell Cmdlet

Learn to use start-sleep when you want to pause a script especially when you're in a A while loop that executes code.

The Two Step Guide to Upgrading to PowerShell 5.1

Check your Powershell version for upgrade and learn the easy ways to install Powershell 5 through automated process and how-to scripts.

Set-Content: The PowerShell Way to Write to a File

Learn how set-content cmdlet how it overwrites the entire file and allows use of PowerShell to write to a file.

Invoke-Command: The Best Way to Run Remote Code

The Invoke-Command cmdlet is a commonly used PowerShell cmdlet that allows the user to execute code inside of a PSSession.

Using PowerShell Out-File Cmdlet to Redirect Output to a File

Discover how Out-File cmdlet write output directly to a text file. It is designed to replace the standard output redirection operator ().

Copy-Item : Copy Files like a Boss in PowerShell

Learn how Copy-item cmdlet allows copy of a file while giving the ability to recurse files in a folder and use wildcards to select the files.

How to Build a PowerShell Onboarding Script (Active Directory)

Employee onboarding is one of those tasks that is ripe for automation. A PowerShell onboarding script is a perfect tool for the job.