Tag: WMI

Your Goto Guide for Working with Windows WMI Events and PowerShell

Learn about how WMI events work and how you can create some awesome tools with PowerShell in this tutorial!

Faris Malaeb Avatar Faris Malaeb

14 min. read

How to Work with WMI in PowerShell

Learn WMI's vast array of information, and learn Powershell WMI to automate thousands of tasks on Windows computers.

Adam Bertram Avatar Adam Bertram

3 min. read

How to Use Python to Query WMI (Linux –> Windows)

I've recently been playing with Ansible quite a bit and, unfortunately, it's only available on Linux. Being a big Windows guy, I've had to learn a ton about how Linux and Python interact with Windows. My goal was to get my Ubuntu Linux box using Python to query WMI. Let's break it down!

Adam Bertram Avatar Adam Bertram

2 min. read

Get-WmiObject: Querying WMI on Local and Remote Computers

Whenever we need to discover just about any information about a Windows computer and it's components, we can do so with Get-WmiObject.

Adam Bertram Avatar Adam Bertram

3 min. read

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