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Setting up NuGet Server on Windows (Complete Walkthrough)

So you've developed code. Great! Now you have to publish it to your users. But how There are many ways to accomplish this but one of the most used is NuGet. NuGet is a technology that allows you to publish code in the form of packages for others. A NuGet server is a way to make it happen.

Adam Bertram Avatar Adam Bertram

6 min. read

Publishing Artifacts in an Azure DevOps Release Pipeline

So you've got an Azure DevOps release pipeline created. You've automated the build and all of the tests. Now comes the time to publish a build artifact somewhere. Stick around to learn how to add a NuGet Azure Artifacts feed to Azure DevOps!

Adam Bertram Avatar Adam Bertram

9 min. read

Getting Started with the Chocolatey Package Manager [Walkthrough]

If you're struggling with managing and maintaining software across your environment, you're in for a treat. In this article, you're going to learn all about the ubiquitous package management tool called Chocolatey.

Francisco Navarro Avatar Francisco Navarro

11 min. read

How to Configure NuGet Package Managers (BaGet, LiGet, ProGet)

You've built an application or perhaps even a set of important scripts and need to package it up and deploy it. Look no further than NuGet and the various NuGet package managers you have available.

Tyler Muir Avatar Tyler Muir

11 min. read

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