How to Convert Text to Speech with PowerShell

Learn how to use the .NET framework and PowerShell to convert text to speech and how to create text to speect Powershell scripts.

Francisco Navarro Avatar Francisco Navarro

6 min. read

Getting Started with the Chocolatey Package Manager

If you're struggling with managing and maintaining software across your environment, you're in for a treat. In this article, you're going to learn all about the ubiquitous package management tool called Chocolatey. Whether you're building a DevOps pipeline, attempting to automate software deployments or an individual user wanted to speed up software installations, this article is for you.

Francisco Navarro Avatar Francisco Navarro

11 min. read

Understanding Package Management on Windows

Learn the basics of package management, Windows package manager, and tools you can use to master software management in your environment.

Francisco Navarro Avatar Francisco Navarro

4 min. read

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