June Castillote is our ATA Friend of the Month!

Adam Bertram

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ATA Friend of the Month June Castillote
June Castillote

This month’s ATA Friend is June Castillote!

June has published a total of 62 posts with ATA since starting with us in and we appreciate every single one of them!

June is ATA’s first Friend of the Month because he’s not only the most prolific ATA writer but also was the quickest to pick our style at ATA.

From the very first post, I knew June could write well. June makes my life easy since I don’t have to do a lot of editing with his posts. His posts are always well thought out, thorough and actionable. I’m happy to have him as a regular contributor to ATA.

ATA is recognizing June because of his dedication to improving writing, being professional, courteous, and contributing so much to ATA.

Thank you so much for being a contributor to ATA, June!

Be sure to check out what June has been up to on their posts on his author profile page.

Thanks, June! You rock!

The ATA Friends program is a guest-author program here on ATA. The program allows IT professionals, software developers, DevOps engineers, and other technology professionals to write content on their favorite topics, learn how to write better, promote their own blogs, and get paid!

If you’re a geek that enjoys writing, wants to get more exposure or simply wants some cash, join us today!

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