Tag: Azure Active Directory

How To Connect Azure AD to Office 365 with Azure AD Connect

Here's how to use Azure AD Connect to link Azure Active Directory and Office 365 in a step-by-step walkthrough!

June Castillote Avatar June Castillote

10 min. read

Managing Azure Active Directory Group-Based Licensing in Office 365

If you're struggling with figuring out how to manage Office 365 user licensing at scale, look no further! You can now manage Office 365 user licensing by a group with Azure Active Directory (AD) group-based licensing with Office 365!

Dustin Dortch Avatar Dustin Dortch

9 min. read

How to Force Azure AD Connect to Sync [Walkthrough]

Integrating your on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD) (and syncing) with Azure AD is done using the Synchronization Service Manager GUI or via PowerShell.

Jeff Christman Avatar Jeff Christman

6 min. read

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