I am awesome! I feel awesome all the time, I never have a down day. I love life every second of the day and generally, I'm just the best thing since sliced bread.

No, that's totally wrong. I'm a normal human being. I have ups, I have downs; I have bad days, I have good days. Some days I look better than others. Normally, I've got it going on. I'm real, everyone is real, everyone has a different life.

Get Real

Everyone has ups and downs of life. Everybody's life is not perfect. But, what you'll see when you see some blogs, videos, articles, any of this content that's out there on the internet from so-called gurus to anybody trying to teach you something, none of that matters. The takeaway is just to be real with yourself. Be real with who you are, how you are, how you produce content, produce video, share knowledge.

You have to inject some kind of realism, some kind of personality into your stuff. You never want to come across as better than other people, knowing more than other people, thinking that you're perfect, that you can never do anything wrong.

You have to be extremely real with your audience. Whether it be a blog, article, whatever it takes to just to be real with who you're speaking with always. Not only online but also in real life, be real and inject some kind personality.

You be You!

I know that this goes back to the self-confidence thing that I talked about a while ago. Some people think they have to kind of mold themselves to this perfect image of what people expect them to be. I hate that with everything that I have in my being.

Somebody that thinks that they have to buy expensive stuff to make themselves look good to other people; People that think that they have to not be open to criticism because they obviously know everything; Asking a question of somebody else is just a sign of weakness.

That's bullshit.

You have to always be real with yourself because if you're not, you're always going to be attempting to live up to a certain standard that you'll never reach.

Get Comfortable with Good Enough

Nobody's perfect. You're always going to be not as good as you think you could be. The trick is to be comfortable in your own skin and be comfortable with yourself. To know what you believe in and show that.

If you're not constantly real with yourself and living a lie, your life is going to be so much more stressful. You're going to be stressed out every day trying to live up to some kind of person that you're never going to be. Sure, you always want to strive to get better, to reach just a little bit more every day, but you never want to betray something that you're not.

Represent Yourself to the World

Tell people and show people that you are a real human being, that you have problems just like everyone else and you'll never put on this fa�ade that you think people realize. I kind of take it to an extreme sometimes.

You can ask my wife, I hate wearing suits and wearing fancy clothes even if I go out just to dinner sometime on a date night. My wife really hates this. But, I wear whatever I feel comfortable in, whatever I think represents me. Which for me, it's a t-shirt and jeans pretty much. T-shirt and shorts if it's a nice day.

It's all about the clothes that represent you. I really try to represent myself in that same way across all facets of my life. I think that If it were me, knowing me and knowing my personality if I were to wear a suit, that would be me trying to be something that I'm not.

I feel very uncomfortable wearing that and I have the self-confidence in myself to think "this is me, this is who I am, take it or leave it". This is just who I am and I'm going to feel much more comfortable being my own self. That's what a lot of people need to do. You need to be your own self. That includes being self-confident to allow yourself to do that.

Show Your Personality

When you're talking online about producing various content and things like that, you always have to inject some kind of personality. You never want to keep your content only mechanical. Some people may think it's easier "I'm not going to inject any personality in this because maybe somebody doesn't like my personality".

Screw them if they don't like your personality. It's you and if they don't like your personality they can go see somebody else. There's going to be two other people that do like your personality.

It all comes down to injecting yourself into what you do. Be real with yourself, don't ever try to be somebody you're not.

Don't ever try to script out everything that you do in life. Don't try to lead someone else's life that you think you should lead. Lead your own life. Inject some personality into things that you share online and with others and I guarantee people will really appreciate a lot more than hearing it from a drone.

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