The annual Pluralsight Author Summit was last weekend and I'm still reeling. �The Summit is a time to talk shop about creating better courses, meet and socialize with new and old friends and just have fun. �I rarely "drink the koolaid" that any company is dispensing but this company is one that I have. �You'd never believe you're not an employee of the company as a Pluralsight author. �We authors are simply contractors but the company always makes us feel welcome and appreciated.

I have never written up a post my experience with Pluralsight so after 2 courses and a couple of years of working with them I thought it was time. �I decided to break this down into the top 5 reasons why I create courses for Pluralsight.

You are appreciated

I'm a hard person to impress. �I'm considered a skeptic's skeptic. �Whenever a company makes a move that seems like they're doing it for others I'm always looking for the "What's in it for me?".

Every company has a bottom line to pay attention (Pluralsight included) but this company seems to be so successful not by directly paying attention to it. �They seem to be super-successful despite the fact that you'd never know they are a for-profit company. �You'll never see your editor berating you to get your course published ASAP rather offering any help in any way they can regardless of the schedule.

All the Pluralsight employees lined up while all us authors came in for the Summit. �It was a little cheesy and I would have made a big eye roll if it were any other company but you get the impression that Aaron Skonnard and his team really see us authors this way.

They see that without us the company wouldn't be where it is and rather than just pumping us for more content we're treated to this kind of treatment

You belong to a community

Whenever you become a Pluralsight author you're joining a community. �You're not just a faceless voice on a video course. �You are joining an elite club that's not necessarily easy to get into. �Every Pluralsight author is passionate and awesome at what they do. �It's refreshing to be a part of a community that has so many people willing to put in a lot of hard work to teach others what they know.

You meet talented people

One of the best aspects of being a Pluralsight author is meeting talented people. �I consider myself an average IT pro. I go to work, do my thing and just get it done. Until recently, I went to conferences, went to speaker sessions and learned but didn't really talk to anyone.

I did no writing, had no blog and just stuck to myself. �It wasn't until I started doing courses for Pluralsight that my social circle really expanded and expanded with people at the top of their game. �By making these connections I'm now doing freelance writing, more courses, presenting on Powershell at user groups and conferences and loving it!

If it wasn't for Pluralsight and the connections I've made, I could not have been in a position to where I am now.

You learn

They always say that if you want to really learn something you should teach it. �This does not exclude video courses. �I've taught topics that I've been managing for years and learn things in every module I present. �The kind of planning you have to put into a course really makes you hash out everything in your head and always makes me learn even basic stuff I thought I was way past.

You get paid!

Finally, you make some dough! �Depending on your content, it could be a little or could be a lot. �It's always a gamble but I'm satisfied with the return on my niche topics. �What I'm seeing is that as Pluralsight gains more and more market share my royalties are getting larger.

For us IT pros, we're still not the main source of revenue for the company but I can definitely see some strides to get there.

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If you're on the fence about becoming a Pluralsight author and you don't have a subscription already, I highly encourage you to sign up for a free trial and see what it's about.

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