Each of us are unique. �We all have our quirks. �Some of us are OCD about the dumbest, little things (That bracket better be on the same damn line!). �While some of us could care less what the code looks like as long as it works. �I've come to the conclusion that there are 4 different coders in this world. �Which one are you?

The "Get 'R Done!" Type

If you're never heard Larry the Cable Guy, I highly recommend you do so. �He's a comedic redneck that always wears the same camo hat and cut off shirt. �He's hilarious. �He has a slogan of sorts "Get 'R Done" that essentially means to just get the task done without regard to anything else. �The "Get 'R Done!" type does whatever it takes to just get the immediate task done.

This type gives the finger at documentation, code commenting and planning. �Why do that stuff because it's just fluff anyway? �We just need to "Get 'R Done!". �What is this fancy stuff you call "testing"? �Pftt! �You can do your "testing" when I'm just going to do the minimum required to get the task done now. �I'll finish this script while you're piddling with figuring out how to write help properly and messing with reviews and all that jazz.

The OCD Type

I have this thing where I must put a bracket on the same line as the start of the construct. �It doesn't matter if it goes there or goes on a new line. �It's a personal preference but I will never put it on a different line. �It just looks wrong to me. �This is a trait of the OCD type. �The OCD type has very specific ways he writes code. �If someone else strays from this style it's absolutely wrong. �There's no grey; only black and white.

The OCD type also ensures the code adheres to strict formatting standards and "perfect" code. �All this "perfection" usually leads to unnecessary tweaking and perfecting that the OCD type takes 10x as long as a good coder yet the outcome is exactly the same.

The "Whatever" Type

The "Whatever" type is similar to the "Get 'R Done" type. �The "Whatever" type has no passion for what she's doing. �She might be writing code just because someone told her she's good at it at one time. �They might be good at writing code but they don't care about it. �There's no real thought process behind coding. �It's usually the minimum amount of work required just to get it done. �The "Whatever" type basically meanders through the code. �They're laxidasical and in no real hurry to get it done any time soon.

The "Whatever" type has no real goals for the code and performs little, if any, planning and documentation. �They might do a little planning at the start of the project but it will probably be incomplete once they get bored with it.

The Overachiever Type

The Overachiever goes full-bore at a project. �They are extremely passionate about their code and ensure it's done right 100% of the time. �They pour over every detail during the planning, coding and review phases. �They are good at what they do but it takes other people 10x as long to understand their code because it's so overly-complicated. �They use constructs in odd places, make non-descriptive variable names because it make sense to them (but no one else) and tend to make functions out of just about every code snippet imaginable.

The code works great but is way too complicated. �As long as an Overachiever is working everything is great but the day after they go on vacation things blow up. �Everyone sees the end result of an Overachiever code but no one dares try to understand it. �Once the Overachiever is let go, moves on or simply goes on vacation and some obscure bug occurs the world blows up and no one knows how to fix it.

Which type are you? �You've probably exhibited traits that relate to just about every one of these at some point in your career. �Do you see yourself leaning towards one type over the other? �What steps are you taking to prevent falling into one of these categories?

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