The ATA Team

Adam (the Automator) Bertram is the founder and owner of ATA. Adam lives in Indiana, USA. He handles all business-related activities, content strategy, editing, and anything else that pops up on a daily basis.

Rochella or Chella Caguin is ATA’s blog manager. Chella lives in the Philippines. Chella manages writers and publishes all ATA content including search engine optimization (SEO). She’s the logistical cat herder ensuring we always maintain a regular schedule of high-quality posts every week.

The other Adam, Adam Listek serves two roles at ATA. He’s both the Writer Success Manager and in charge of web development. Adam is from Illinois, USA. Adam not only helps the many ATA writers successfully create high-quality articles but he is also in charge of the web infrastructure that we rely on here at ATA.

Arman Castillote is an editor and part-time writer at ATA. Arman started writing for ATA in October 2020 and has been a regular contributor ever since. Arman currently resides in the Philippines.

Matt Zandee is the partnership manager of ATA. Matt currently resides in Romania where he primarily works with advertisers on ATA. Matt’s role is to ensure our sponsors and advertisers are getting the most value from our partnerships.

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