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Without further ado, here's our first story brought to you by Paul Abke.

We use several software packages that use Excel extensively.

The packages all use Excel add-ins to offer special functionality. After time, the Excel15.xlb file gets bloated and causes Excel to behave badly.

I wanted an automated way to delete the bloated files in all the users' profiles.
Fortunately we use Citrix XenApp so all our users' profiles are centrally located.

I used get-item | get-member to discover the delete method for the get-item cmdlet.

Using get-help | get-item will uncover that the get-item cmdlet supports wildcards in the path parameter so searching for the Excel15.xlb file was easy.

`ForEach-Object` loops through the results of get-item. $_ represents the current item in the pipeline so using the delete method took just a few keystrokes.

Test before using in a production environment!
Get-Item G:\Profiles$\TSProfiles\*\*\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\*.xlb | ForEach-Object {

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