Remember Vbscript? �I do but I'd rather not.

I'll give VBscript credit though. �It got me through a lot of problems that I otherwise had to have written batch files (GASP!) to accomplish. �VBscript had a function called Msgbox. �It was a neat, little function that popped up an information box like so.


Now that we've graduated to only writing PowerShell scripts how can we get this gem back? �It turns out that Powershell can hang around with the VBscript dudes on the wrong side of the tracks and actually perform the exact same function. �Using a COM object, PowerShell can simply called the PopUp() method and voila we have a MsgBox again only this time with Powershell.

$a = new-object -comobject
$a.popup("You are using Powershell $($psversiontable.psversion.Major)",0,"Powershell",0)

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