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For the past couple of years, Adam Bertram has been unbelievably helpful to Ipswitch’s marketing efforts.  As an IT guru, his experience with a wide variety of IT-related demands for time, budget, and headcount, Adam can outline what makes sense and what does not.  His friendly accessible demeanor has bridged the gap between “marketing-speak” and the reality of the needs of an IT department.

Adam has created many blog posts, lots of podcasts, several webinars, ebooks, and other content, all of which have been lauded by the recipients.

Adam delivers on time and on budget.  And, what marketing person can resist those attributes?  Certainly, Ipswitch is better for having Adam Bertram on the team.

Jeanne Hopkins, CMO

Adam creates very technical and engaging content that IT professionals find tremendous value in. He’s easy to work with, knows the IT industry better than most and understands how to help IT get their job done.

Greg Mooney

Adam is a longtime writer for us, covering mostly PowerShell but also broader IT topics. He has a real knack for distilling very technical, potentially convoluted concepts into engaging and easy-to-follow articles without cutting any corners. For this reason, his articles are consistently popular among our readers, who are looking for expert knowledge that’s delivered clearly and succinctly. Besides being a great teacher for our readers, Adam also makes my job as an editor much easier, as I can trust him to deliver clean, timely and well-written copy each time.

Gladys Rama

It was very EASY to work with you. We were able to define the content and then get the content we wanted on-time on-schedule.

Andy Zhu

As one of our freelance writers, Adam has been a great resource for He covers a range of topics that are important to our readers, including IT automation, DevOps and cloud computing, and does so in a variety of content types – ranging from technical tutorials and videos to opinion pieces and features. In addition to the content he contributes, Adam is always quick to share his expert insights into the enterprise IT market to help us keep track of the latest trends and technologies.

Kristin Knapp




  • GoverLAN (Solutions Vendor)

2 words…”Adam delivers”

It’s rare to come across a “vendor” that you can just feel confident in. I don’t have to manage the programs I run with Adam. He has the knowledge, work ethic, and most importantly the passion needed to deliver a great result. He takes the time to understand the value our company offers and gears his content to speak to that value. He leverages the network and relationships he previously built to push our message further and with greater impact. Adam delivers on more than just ROI, he makes us look good!

– Ezra Charm


Adam has been a longtime contributor and author to Pluralsight. Our authors are the best and brightest in the industry and have to pass many high bars and rigorous reviews, evaluations, and critiques. It’s not easy. Adam has repeatedly published quality content while his communication, work ethic, and ingenuity have maintained the highest standards of professionalism.

Brenton Walker – Author Success Manager

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