At my place of employment's PCs are way out of date with updates. Unfortunately there's over 2,000+ patches that have to be made available to workstations during deployments. Due to SCCM's 1,000 update per deployment rule 5 different software update groups were created along with 5 different deployments. Some clients were receiving all deployments but some were not. It was getting frustrating spot-checking 800 PCs to see if they were queued up ready for the maintenance window.

With a few minutes of browsing the ConfigMgr 2012 SDK documentation I found the CCM_AssignmentCompliance class in the DeploymentAgent namespace would get me a list of all deployments each client sees. ´┐ŻOnce I had the WMI class I needed the rest was cake! I was going to see if I could find the actual deployment name but it was getting late and I didn't much care at the time.

Get-WmiObject -Namespace 'root\ccm\softwareupdatesdeploymentagent' -ComputerName $computer -Class 'ccm_assignmentcompliance' | % {$_.AssignmentId}

I hope this saves any other SCCM admins some time.

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