Coming directly from scripting on the web with PHP I thought a PowerShell hashtable was simply another array; an associate array. I mean, it's just an array just with some key/value pairs instead of single elements, right? No.

Imagine my surprise when I did this and didn't get anything.

$hash_table = @{'key1' = 'value1';'key2' = 'value2';'key3' = 'value3'}
$hash_table | Foreach-Object { $_.Value }
hash table

What I didn't realize was that a hashtable is actually a single PowerShell object. It's not an actual collection like I'm used to. There's a method on each hashtable object called GetEnumerator().

To process each key/value pair in a hashtable the GetEnumerator() method must be called on the hashtable to break it apart. This method essentially tells the hashtable object to send each key/value pair to the pipeline individually. Now try this:

$hash_table = @{'key1' = 'value1';'key2' = 'value2';'key3' = 'value3'}
$hash_table.GetEnumerator() | % { $_.Value }

Much better, huh? Lesson learned.

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