How would you like the opportunity to not depend on your full-time job? Wouldn't it be nice if you could tell your boss to shove it at any point in time and know that you and your family will still be financially fine? It's possible, but it requires a lot of hard work. You're going to have to ask yourself "How bad do I want it?".

Building side hustles/businesses is something I've been doing for so many years now and I love it. Nevertheless, spending time doing this on top of a full-time job can be time-consuming. You're going to need at least another 20-30 hours/week of your time.

Some people probably think I'm crazy. To me though, it's worth it. It's more money and I get the fulfillment of running my own show. I'm able to be an entrepreneur without a lot of risks because I have my full-time job to fall back on.

Does this stuff sound interesting? If so, you can do it too but how successful you can be depends on your expertise and desires. Take a hard look at the things that you really love to do and the things you're good at. What kind of stuff that you love to do delivers value to other people? Clients will pay for that!

Lots of Opportunities

One example is what I do as a side hustle. If you're reading this, chances are you're a tech guy or gal with some IT skills. Perhaps you have a blog. Did you know people pay for blogging? In addition, sharing knowledge also makes you available to lots of people and you may begin to establish a reputation as someone that knows what they're talking about which may lead to consulting opportunities. I do consulting remotely for about 5-10 hours a week and help my clients with their various scripting projects. In addition, you could look at sites like Upwork where you can bid on a number of different freelance projects. These are just some of the ways you can develop streams of income for yourself.

I treat a side hustle almost more seriously than I do my full-time position because I've been doing this side-hustle for seven to eight years now and I've built up income streams enough to where I could essentially quit my job if I wanted to and will be okay. Another good thing is if you ever see yourself going to do your side hustles full-time - as a full-time entrepreneur or independent consultant, it's essential to diversify because you never know when business is going to dry up.

As for me, I do consulting, freelance writing, blog sponsorships, Pluralsight courses (I have 8 different courses as of 07/16/19), a Udemy course (another one coming up soon), Powershell automation, and have written a book (will hopefully come out next year). I've pretty much spread myself out as far as possible. All of these, by the way, are done remotely.

I developed all these income streams through relationships with clients, and all those connections were from the blog and Twitter. I got out there, I make myself known, I try to generate as much content as possible.

Marketing is Key

Marketing yourself is also a major contributor to getting side hustles. You may start out as a small snowball, but as you push that snowball farther and father, the bigger it gets. You'll start to get a relatively large following. Clients will begin to come to contact you directly, and you don't have to look for business anymore. I'm not entirely to that point yet, however, but I'm getting there. Hopefully, if I keep doing work, I'm keep marketing myself and growing outside of the Powershell space alone, my name will pop up on more potential clients' radars. If you do the same, I'll see you on the side of success!

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