Easily Find all Undefined Clients in Active Directory

Adam Bertram

Adam Bertram

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I was working on a project recently and needed to find all of the undefined clients in an Active Directory domain. Undefined clients are those domain members that are in an IP subnet that is not yet defined to a site. Unfortunately, there’s no central place to find this information so you must turn to some log parsing.

Each domain controller has a netlogon.log file, by default, in the C:\Windows\Debug folder.

In order to find all of these pesky clients, you’re forced to read all of these netlogon.log files on all domain controllers to get a thorough list. When looking into this I found a lot of different articles but they seemed WAY too over-complicated in order to get this done so I greatly simplified it. Here’s my solution:

#requires -Module ActiveDirectory
$DomainControllers = (Get-AdDomainController).Hostname
[Collections.ArrayList]$UndefinedClients = @()
foreach ($Dc in $DomainControllers ) {
    $LogPath = "\\$Dc\c$\windows\debug\netlogon.log"
    $GroupedClients = Select-String -Pattern 'NO_CLIENT_SITE' -Path $LogPath | foreach {
        if ($_.Line -match 'NO_CLIENT_SITE: (.*)') {
            $UndefinedClients.Add($matches[1].Trim().Split(' ')[0]) | Out-Null
$UndefinedClients = $UndefinedClients | Select -Unique $UndefinedClients

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