Today, I'd like to talk about side-hustles and entrepreneurship. Many of you know I have a full-time role and I also do a lot of things on the side. I work on writing, courses, consulting, and things like that in one form or another and have for probably a decade now. I love entrepreneurship and I love having my own business and making my own money. But, it's not for everyone. I would like to explain, in my opinion, the kind of mentality and the skills that you need to really succeed in a side-hustle or side job.

What is a Side Hustle?

First, let me clarify what a side-hustle or side business is. In general, a side-hustle or a side business is when you have a full-time job and you are making money on the side. Basically, you run your own business, you provide a service, sell a product, or anything like that. Instead of someone else's, this money goes straight into your pocket. You can be a solopreneur, meaning you're doing this on your own; or, you can have a small business with an employee or two. However, you always need to have a full-time job.

There are many kinds of side-hustles obviously because there's a lot of different businesses. The side-hustle I'm going to be referring to is the online one. In my opinion, the online side-hustle is so much easier to get started and to succeed at than an offline one. Doing things online from your recliner, writing or whatever with your computer is a whole lot easier than going out to meet vendors, lining up semi-trailers of content, and trying to get it sold.

Is a Side Hustle for You?

First, if you don't have a side-hustle already, are you meant to have one? This depends. Do you enjoy what you do in your full-time role? Do you have a hobby? If so, which one do you enjoy the most? You need to find the piece that you enjoy the most. Even if it's something completely different than your full-time role. I work in IT and automation DevOps and I do some side-hustle stuff around that. But, I also love talking and writing about entrepreneurship and side-hustles and all that sort of thing.

The first thing you have to have is a passion and desire to do something. Without the passion or desire to do something, you may succeed a little bit, but eventually, you'll get burnt out and you'll hate what you're doing. Notice what you really love to do, regardless of what it is, you can build a business out of it.

Decide What You Like to Do

For example, consider you're an IT pro, doing your thing from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. You come home and do the family thing, mess around the house, stuff like that. Let's say you enjoy and are really good at gardening. Because you have the knowledge and skills other people want, you can easily build a business around it. When skills of any type are in demand from other people, they will want to read about them or consume that content and purchase products around them. At some point, you can monetize that because people will want to pay for that knowledge.

Take the Pester Book for example. I wrote a book about testing PowerShell code and it was pretty much just me. I didn't do any research on almost anything. It was me in front of the PowerShell console typing out commands and copying and pasting those into the book. I inherently knew all that stuff already in my head.

Everyone has a unique perspective on things. People will consider that unique perspective to be valuable. People want to know how to garden better, how to write better PowerShell code, it's the same thing. You need to have some kind of passion.

Develop a Routine

The second thing you need to have is some sort of structure. Build a schedule, communicate with your family if you have one. Treat your side-hustle as a serious venture and keep a schedule. For example, Monday through Thursday, 10 hours a day is my full-time role. Friday is treated as a business day, dedicating 8 to 4 to my side-hustle and Saturday and Sunday is negotiable. I communicate this with my wife.

Also, if you have a family, there are a few things you'll want to consider. Will a side-hustle be worth spending time away from them? Do you need the money bad enough? Are you passionate enough about building something around a hobby? Do you really want to do this?

The biggest thing that got me personally with a side-hustle/side business is, I love work. I get an extreme sense of fulfillment out of things that I do. After my full-time role, I don't want to just turn this sense of fulfillment off.

Making $$$ From your Hobby is Totally Doable

If you find yourself contributing to the community a lot for free, especially in IT and bloggers, I highly recommend taking that to the next level and building it into a business. If you build a business around something you love to do, you'll never work a day again. As the popular saying goes, if you love what you do, you'll never work another day again in your life. If you're doing something for free right now, whether it's a hobby, blogging, speaking, anything like this, it means you love to do it and you can make a business out of it.

What you know, is a lot more valuable than you think!

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