Content Marketing Services

You’re a marketing professional or product manager working for a software vendor in the IT/DevOps/Cloud space. You know you work for a great company and have great products, but you can’t figure out how to produce compelling content to show that.

Whether it’s for lead generation, product documentation or training, producing quality content is hard. You may understand the product and the technology, but you don’t have the same mindset as the audience. It’s hard to bridge that gap.

Let me help with that.

Hi, I’m Adam Bertram. I’m an IT influencer, prominent tech community evangelist and huge proponent of providing value without remorse. I’m here to help you bridge that company/consumer divide on-time, under budget and with happy clients.

Through various mediums, I can help produce independent, entertaining, educational and valuable content that your audience will actually want to consume rather than feeling forced to.

I’m available and equipped to build content across many different types of mediums such as:

  • Blog articles (on this blog and yours)
  • Search engine marketing
  • eBooks
  • Product documentation
  • Product training
  • Online courses
  • …and more!

I not only can build great content, I also have a following to promote it. This blog you’re reading now gets ~50,000 unique visitors/month while my Twitter followers hover around 6,500.

For a complete list of my past work, visit my portfolio.

Monthly/Quarterly Retainer

Content marketing needs never stop. Consumers are always looking for fresh content to help them in their day-to-day lives. This is why I offer a retainer. A retainer is merely a way to employ me on a contract basis over an extended period covering all of the types of work mentioned above.

As a new retainer partner, we will first discuss potential projects of your choosing as a plan to be executed throughout the retainer period. Once a rough plan has been hashed out, we will have regular meetings with you and your team to ensure constant communication and deliverables are clear and proactively plan all deliverables.

A retainer is a service that offers multiple benefits:

  1. Reduces accounting burden by reducing invoicing.
  2. Eliminates per-project negotiations
  3. Produces predictable monthly work output.
  4. Allows for expected expenses for easy budgeting.

As a retainer partner, you are my #1 priority. You will take precedence over any other projects if a conflict ever happens and can ensure you will have my immediate attention whenever you need it. We’re partners, and I take that seriously.

If interested, contact me!


Below is a list of prices for typical services I provide. All prices may vary depending on the situation but these are rough prices to expect.

Ad-Hoc Projects

  • Webinars ($2,000)
  • Articles ($0.75 – $1/word)
  • eBooks ($0.50 – $0.75/word)
  • Whitepapers ($500/page)
  • Sponsored post on this blog ($2,000)
  • 250×250 blog sidebar banner ad on this blog ($500/month)
  • Training courses ($7,000 – $10,000)


  • Monthly: $5-8,000
  • Quarterly: $13-19,000

As you can see by typical, industry-standard, per-project prices above, it’s to your advantage to go the retainer route if you have anything more than a few articles or a single webinar planned.

I am your link to the community. Since I’m in the trenches every day, I offer unique insights your team will never be able to get from the viewpoint of a vendor.

Let’s work together! Contact me to discuss.

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