Write Words, Make $1000+ and Start a Side Hustle

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a geek like me. You’re probably a sysadmin, IT pro, developer, or perhaps an IT manager. You’re in the trenches closing tickets, provisioning servers, and body-slamming printers.

Join the ATA Creator Network
I’d like to offer you a chance to capitalize on your position in IT and start a lucrative side hustle.

If you are indeed in IT, I need you for a new venture I’m starting called ATA Content as a Service (CaaS). I know, yet another aaS. I like it. Get over it. As part of that, I’m building the ATA Creator Network.

What is ATA CaaS and the Creator Network?

As you are probably aware, tech vendors love blog posts, video reviews, and content to create buzz around their products. These vendors need your help! In exchange, they’re willing to shell out some nice dough for nothing but your opinion.

ATA CaaS is a product that vendors subscribe to get access to the ATA Creator Network. The network consists of you allowing you to write blog posts on your own blog (regardless of the size) or ATA, and get you paid way more than a typical freelance writer!

How does it work?

  1. Sign Up to fill out a quick form about your expertise and get on the notification email list.
  2. We get requests from vendors or media publications for all kinds of content from simple opinion pieces offering $200+ to huge product comparisons paying $2,000+.
  3. If your expertise matches what we need, we’ll email you with a description of what’s needed, the deadline, and the payment.
  4. You write it, we edit it and we’ll publish it on ATA with full credit to you or you’ll publish it on your own blog.

Do I have to write like Hemingway?

Nope. Most of the time, we’ll just need your opinion and it doesn’t even need to be a good one! You’ll be briefed on a per-instance basis though.

Will you bother me all the time?

Only if you need a friend. Otherwise, no. As of now, this venture is a beta test and you might not even get emailed at all. But, what’s the hurt of throwing your hat into the ring and getting the opportunity to earn some side scratch? You can unsubscribe at any time.

Signing up doesn’t opt you in to any responsibility. It simply lets us know you’re interested in hearing more.

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