Are you the type of person that reads a blog post, reads things on Twitter, goes to forums, and discovers all of this interesting stuff that you can implement at work or new technology you can learn, but think you don't have the time? This post is for you.

In this post, I want to talk about those people who consume a lot of information, gather all of this knowledge about various topics, as well as being aware of the new technologies but don't take the next step of implementing it. �They don't take any action on it at all; all of us are guilty of this to some degree. �As long as I was with other geeks who loved to learn about the newest technology and the cool ways to implement things and write code and do all this stuff.

But, there are times that it becomes a problem.

Treating Information Like the News

All of this new information that you can implement tomorrow, and you know it will better your career, or better your current job with, you treat it more like the news.

The news is more of a consumer thing, you want to be up-to-date on the latest news, the latest business opening in your neighborhood, or unfortunately the next mass school shooting that has happened in the U.S., or any of the big pieces of news out there that you want to consume. �With the news, you do not take what you have learned in the news and then immediately transform that into something the next day, you don't have that opportunity. �It is a whole lot different consumer model than reading a blog post on a new faster way to deploy a docker container. �That sort of information is more tactical, it is more applicable to your career or to your job.

But, a lot of us treat this technical content as just news we like to browse, and this is completely fine. �Just kind of browse and get aware of things but it becomes a problem when we do that to such a degree, that we are just doing it every day. Such as saying "hey, Alexa read me the news," "hey, Alexa read me the latest blog posts" and then by the time she is done reading the blog post, or by the time you are done consuming this new content you think, "oh, that was nice". Then move on about your day and keep doing the same thing you have been doing forever. �That is where it becomes a problem.

Utilizing Technical Content as a Training Course

We need to treat technical content, not as an all-you-can-eat content thing, it should be used as more of an actual training course. �So, you take some bit of information, some new idea that you have, some little piece of content out there that you see that brings up a new idea and go implement it the next day. �It is going to take some kind of dedication and some kind of discipline to make this happen, but what you'll see is if you start taking action on these things, you will see more things that happen, great things will happen because of it.

No one ever just bettered themselves bettered their career or learned a new technology by simply reading about it, it just is not going to happen. �You just may think "I can read all of these posts and see Adam not doing this and then I'm just going to go do that. �You can treat all of this posting content I am doing here exactly the same way you do other content. �"Oh yeah, I read this post where Adam was talking about how to do this thing in PowerShell," or how he was talking today about how I should not just learn new things but implement what I've learned.

Do Not Waste Your Time

You could do that for just about everything, but I highly encourage you to not do it. I mean, if it's not even worth doing, if you're not going to implement it, you're wasting your time reading these posts. What I am telling you now is just for naught. �I mean, if you've completely checked out. What I am telling you here is to shut it off, there is really no reason to waste your time. �The same thing goes with reading any type of blog post or watching a course or any kind of video, or any kind of content that helps you learn something new.

I know that I do and that I have done quite a lot in the past is I'll start on something and I think well I have to finish this because I already started it.

It's the sunk cost fallacy, it's when you start something and well I've already read half of this but I have completely checked out I'm not even going to pay attention to it, it has no application in it whatsoever, but I have already started so I just need to finish it. �It's that other waste of time. �That just kind of all goes back to being a consumer of information. �It just a lot easier to consume the information or it's a lot easier to watch an entire course or read a post, go to one of those in person training classes and just sit there and not take notes and just blankly stare and think I'll remember all of this stuff. �By the time you get back to work, you don't do anything at all. �I mean, what was the point of even going to the training class if you're not going to implement anything at all.

Learning is all about implementation, it's about taking action. �There are two steps in the learning process. �First, you have to learn what you don't know; take a topic that you have no idea what it is about because you have to discover what you don't know is possible. Once you discover that, you need to see the implementation techniques that you don't know. �Once you have learned what you don't know then you need to actually implement those on your own.

You have to learn by mistakes, you have to learn by trial and error, you have to go off-script. �A lot of these courses and talks; any type of content on the internet, anything that you see, you have to follow your own kind of path, your own learning path to do these things. �You can't just blindly or idly sit there and just consume content because you're bored. Sometimes people just don't want to think, so they just go to Twitter, and they just blindly click on links. �And, "oh I just clicked on a link about the new way to do this thing in PowerShell", or I clicked on the new thing about how to get better at automating this thing. Or, something like that, and you feel like you're being productive you think to yourself well at least I'm not looking at the latest Kim Kardashian news or something like that. �You feel like, "Oh I'm doing work related stuff" so I'm "working". You're not working, I mean you're on your ass, you're sitting in your chair, but You're still on your ass, get off your ass.

Get Off Your Ass

Start to actually implement something. Instead of trying to learn the new coding way to do a four loop or I don't know, something like that.

Don't just learn about it close the video, close whatever you're doing and go into your favorite console or whatever, and just try it out and see how it works. �That requires that next step effort. I mean, it requires more effort, it requires more neurons in your brain to do that and you know it's not always the best time to do it because sometimes you're tired.

You'll find that whenever you get tired at the end of the day, you'll start. �This is what I do whenever I get tired. I've noticed this is about myself. Subconsciously, I don't want to give in and think like I'm going to go watch Netflix because that's what I shouldn't do because that's unproductive.

Unproductive is a bad word for me, and you need to stay, I need to just not do that. �But, I will go through on Twitter and open up all these links of these blog posts, "oh that's interesting, oh that's interesting," and put it in a pocket or save it for later, and I think that I am actually getting something done. �In reality, I'm not because I would probably either never looked at that stuff again or I will just browse it and say oh that's neat and forget all about it and do it again. �It would have been a more productive use of my time to just rest my brain and take a break and go watch Netflix or do something to completely turn off my brain instead of just teasing myself into thinking that I am still doing work.

Your Brain Just Isn't In It

There comes a point that you just have to realize that your brain just isn't in it at the time. At that time, you just need to just shut the laptop and go do something like take a walk or watch a video or a movie or whatever you do to pass the time. �But, in today's post, I really wanted to stress, just don't be a consumer of knowledge of information, take the next step.

Remember there are always two steps when you read a post. If it resonates with you in some way, you think this is really cool, "I want to implement this or there's a way I can implement this at work", or whatever you do, take the next step and implement it. �You don't have to implement it then but make some kind of effort afterward and just figure it out for yourself. �It's all about hands-on learning; you have to get your hands dirty to truly learn something new.

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